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best WordPress hosting Only 8 steps to create a website 2023

best WordPress hosting Only 8 steps to create a website.

  • Explain WordPress as the most popular content management system.
  • Steps to create a WordPress website (with pictures).
  • Get hosting and domain.
  • WordPress installation.
  • Installing a WordPress template.
  • Install the necessary plugins.
  • Add website content.
  • Marketing your site to your target visitors.

best wordpress hosting for seo create a website 2023

best WordPress hosting create a website 2023 You may have heard a friend recommend building your site with WordPress as one of the best ways to build websites, especially since 43% of websites are based on WordPress.

But you're not quite sure if WordPress is the perfect platform for your needs or not?

Can you just create a free WordPress site? Or do you need to get paid to host and a domain to install WordPress?

Some consider WordPress to be suitable for blogging only, and not suitable for other types of sites, others consider it one of the best and most reliable CMS.


There are also a lot of substantial technological breakthroughs in 2023, is WordPress keeping pace with these technologies? And will your WordPress-based site.

be in line with this huge technological revolution for website visitors? Will you be able to flexibly customize its appearance and features to meet your ultimate site creation needs?

Don't worry, in this article, we will get you out of this confusion by exploring the aspects of WordPress as an open-source system and how you can use it to create any type of website. 

Whether you aim to create a WordPress site to become: a blog/business site / online store / interactive forum/membership site / personal site.

Even if you have no previous experience, you will eventually be able to customize your site step by step.

You will eventually discover that you can customize the home page/ blog/ meta-pages/ product pages/ service pages, or any other pages you want to show on your site to meet the visitor's needs.

Explain WordPress as the most popular content management system

So let's get straight to the point, WordPress is a content management system developed by Automatic, written in PHP, and based on MySQL database, and it's a free system that anyone can download from the official website and then install on their server.

The system itself is completely free and you can modify it (if you are a programmer) under the GPLv2 license, but there are some additional tools that you may need to invest some money in, as in any business depending on its size and goals.

Therefore, the first step in creating a WordPress site is to know the requirements for launching the site for users, which include 7 basic requirements:

  • Web Hosting (starting at $5/month).
  •  The domain name (starting at $12 per year).
  • WordPress (Free).
  • WordPress Theme (Free or Paid).
  • WordPress Plugins (Free or Paid).
  • Add Website Content (Free).
  • Reach the site to targeted visitors (free).

If you want to calculate the cost of creating your WordPress site before you start, and know what the budget is required of you, this varies according to the size of your site.

but the basic requirements that you need to have been hosting and domain and the rest of .the tools can depend on the effective free 

options that we will talk about in  The rest of the article, and in case of expansion, you will have the option to purchase some paid tools.

Note: You will find some companies offering you 100% free hosting and domain services for marketing purposes.

best wordpress hosting for small business

After we've reviewed the basic requirements for creating a WordPress site, we're now moving on to the practical part, through which you go through the steps of launching your site to users in the way you want it to appear to users and display it in the best way.

Get a hosting and a domain In the beginning, you need hosting and a domain, as we said, in order for your website files to be hosted and visible to users, as well as to have a prominent name that expresses you (

that a visitors can use to access your site easily and search engines recognize you and your name is prominent on this  Grammar on social media.

There are many hosting providers that you can rely on, and in this context, we advise you to
rely on cloud hosting that has flexible plans. 

because of the freedom to get basic plans at an affordable cost with the possibility of obtaining a higher plan in the event of expansion and receiving more visitors,  Unlike shared hosting, which causes your site to fail when it gets more visitors.

Therefore, cloud plans that charge you for consumption charge you a lower cost in the case of a low number of visitors to your site, and a higher cost in case of an increased number of visitors to your site, and this option of flexibility is the most important for you in the payment process.

Regardless of which service provider you will rely on, we will complete this explanation based on Digital Ocean hosting, and you will find that the explanation steps are similar to other service providers.

You will go to the Digital Ocean website: create a new account and complete the login process like any other website registration process, and choose the plan that is right for you


  1. Sign up: To register a new account if you do not have a previous account on the site.
  2. Log in: To log in to the site with your own account.
  3. Pricing: To learn about the plans offered by the hosting company.
  4. Droplets: It is the plan that you will rely on to create a WordPress site.

Log in to the site to start using the hosting account, and install WordPress in preparation for launching your site.

how to create a website for free


Share of WordPress Now you have a cloud web hosting that you can rely on to launch your site to users with any CMS.

If we liken web hosting to a computer, you are someone who has bought a new computer and wants to install the operating system (Windows or Linux).

Dedicated servers are real computers that contain a processor, RAM, and operating systems, but they have a different way of working than desktop computers in order to host your site data and show it to users and work around the clock.

This is just an example, to get to know the concept of installing the WordPress system on your server account at the service provider.

There are several content management systems available in the Digital Ocean applications market that you can rely on to build your site.


After you have installed WordPress as shown in the previous step, the next stage is to customize the appearance of your site, after you log in to your WordPress site control panel.

After completing the installation, you will find that your site appears in this very simple form, which contains the phrase (Hello world) with a default appearance and text.

Of course, we do not want our site to appear this modest way, but we want to customize its appearance in an attractive way for users according to the type of site and design each of its pages in the best way.

We want to customize the general appearance of the area and the pages of the content we want to display to users.

wordpress themes best free wordpress themes

Here comes the role of WordPress templates. They are open-source software models that change the look, format, and design of your WordPress site.

It allows you to transform your default site design into a unique design in which the elements, fonts used, colors, and all design components are distributed according to the type of template.

Before that, we have prepared a detailed guide on the concept of WordPress templates and how to choose the best template for you according to the type of your site.

which we recommend that you read, and in general, you will find thousands of free and paid templates that you can use on your site depending on its type.

The beautiful thing is that these templates come with many ready-made templates (Demos) that you can rely on and modify to suit the commercial identity of your site.

I mean your site will not be a replica of other sites as you might think, but you have the ability to control and modify all components of the template to appear in the end the look you like.

In general, you can start by installing the theme from within the WordPress dashboard, by going to Appearance.

You will go to the page for installing and activating the template on the site, whether by searching for templates in the WordPress store itself.

which are available in a free version or if you already have a template that you downloaded from an external source and want to upload and activate it on your site as follows:

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