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I got 2,999 backlinking strategies in a smart way

  • backlinking strategies are crucial to SEO success. Backlinks are links from other sites to your site and serve as a signal of authority and credibility.
  • Effective backlink buildings include creating high-quality content, awareness, and link placement.
  • Choosing the right strategy depends on the website's specific goals and needs, improving backlinks leads to better visibility and ranking in SERPs.


backlinking strategiesHow do you plan a backlink strategy?

I smartly got 2,999 backlinking strategies, How did you do that?

Let's now move on to method number three Method three has to do with providing a service, yes doing a favor for website owners.

Simply go to websites and check for missing links, and run some security checks with free tools.

Create an SEO audit, maybe check for SSL errors, and maybe check for Google Analytics updates if they are installed or not.

Do these website owners a favor in return you can simply reach out to them and ask for a backlink they will be grateful to you.

This is usually helpful and you can get backlinks from these sites. Of course, always target websites in your niche.

And you can do this in bulk like building and checking out a list of websites, generating reports, and cold mailing bulk emails.

To find out how many backlinks you can get, start now by implementing it because it is one of the best link-building strategies, so let's move now to method number four.

Traffic bomber strategy gives you free 2,999 high-quality backlinks

Magnetic Data, You may have ever heard marketers say content is king, yes content is important but I think things have changed today.

Today data is king, what do I mean?  In short, today we have millions of websites.

Millions and millions and billions of valuable articles and publications and and and ..., but what makes you stand out in this competition are simply real case studies.

Something you've experienced and you're sharing with people that's what will make you stand out in your field, and I think one of my keys to success is this.

On my site, I only share real experiences, real tests, and data, and this helps you stand out from millions of people all over the internet.

People will see this valuable data and valuable real case studies and valuable resources they will be grateful to you with a backlink, they will want that data and they will want something to draw upon to create their content.

So they will be happy to link to your magnetic data Real data and real case studies Let me show you some examples.

Number one is an example I do now and I always do, I collect data related to marketing I have hundreds of thousands of results from Google I have collected them.

Keywords, titles, density, descriptions, length of URLs, a lot of data that I've collected, analyzed, organized, and given to people for free and that's going to be really valuable data.

People will love to link to it and rely on it when they want to create their content in the field of marketing, you can do the same in your field.

I don't know what your major is and what it's about and what topic you're writing about but you can always collect and organize the data, maybe on any app like Note or maybe on Microsoft Word.

Any piece of content collected is real and based on hard work and gives real value to people.

Another example of this is High CPC Explorer Lists I have created a list of high CPC keywords, this helps people who use Google AdSense with Google Ads and much more.

So I simply collected millions of keywords filled in the high CPC keywords from them and gave them away for free to people.

This helped me get a lot of traffic and a lot of backlinks to my site.

Another example let's say you are in email marketing you simply collect email copy and email subject.

Organize them in lines and give each one a value or grade or something and give it to people and you can also sell it later, as a lot of people do they create email copies maybe templates, and sell them.

We can collect a lot of data online, organize it and sell it or simply give it away as a lead magnet or for free, to get more visitors and more backlinks.

Now before I move on to strategy number five I want to mention something that I think is the most important when it comes to getting backlinks.

whatever method you use you should consider this tactic to be successful in building backlinks and growing your business.

A lot of people make this mistake, they simply create the content, and then they go and start looking for people they will get links from you to have to do the opposite.

Just go and create a list of what we call backlinks, potential sites of people that you can get backlinks from, and then you see their website and their content.

Then you create the best piece of content that you think they will be happy to be associated with, so when you communicate with these people you have a valuable piece of content for them always keep this in mind.

This will change the game when it comes to backlinks so find people and then create the right content for these sites to put backlinks in.

How to Get Built Backlinks for a New Site with No Money

Strategy number five is something called monitoring dead text. What I mean is the idea is simple, it's about monitoring the internet to find people talking about your brand or site.

They simply forgot to link to you so these people liked your content and what you share, but they simply reminded you of an inactive link instead of an active link.

So you have to monitor that and send them a message Please replace this dead link with an active link, and they will be happy to do that because they love your content and they love what you do.

OK, so how do you find these people? Of course, we have tools to do that
You can get started completely free with Google Alerts, add your website or your brand name.

And Google will send you an alert when someone mentions you online, if you want something more professional you can use a service like or mention lyrics.

As I told you these tools are not only important for building backlinks but also important for your brand, and for knowing what people are talking about when it comes to your website and your content.

Because I always tell you that it is not enough to just get backlinks or do this or that, you have to think about a growth plan in marketing you need to learn multiple strategies for growth.

I hope you enjoyed these strategies and got some benefits, if you have any questions drop them in these comments, and see you later.

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