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Copy my method in build an email list from scratch

how to start an email list from scratch

Working on the Inbuildingt requires a lot of effort and requires many factors.

One of the most important factors for success and making a profit through this business is learning email marketing strategies and visitors to your website.

You must create a fan base for your site. I copy my method of building an email list from scratch and sending purchases or mailing campaigns to reach a lot of targeted customers.

If you would like to send emails to send newsletters, follow these steps:

  • Use Service Manager: Retail Managers can use an email list.  Message forwarding and email analytics services.
  • Use of form: Form forms can be added to your website to collect names and email addresses.  An email you send.
  • Motivate Members to Subscribe: An attractive and valuable newsletter can be created for readers to attract more subscribers.  It can also offer more.


Is the subject line important in email marketing?

Yes, the subject line is very important in email marketing.

When he receives an email, the subject line is the first thing he reads, letting him know that the email has been deleted or deleted without reading it.

However, the subject line should contain useful and attractive information to make the operative tempted to click on and open the email.

The subject line should be clear and specific to what is meant in the e-mail, with the use of a sexy girl who whets his appetite to learn more.

In general, the subject line can be a critical factor in an email marketing campaign, and can greatly influence mail opening and interaction with recipients.

best what to write on the subject when sending an email

Let's say you have a list of a thousand email addresses and you sell a product for only ten dollars and your conversion rate is only one percent.

You can simply make a hundred dollars in a few minutes by sending one email.

Now let's imagine you have a hundred thousand email addresses on your list, the price of your products is fifty dollars or one hundred dollars, and your conversion rate is about two to three percent.

Imagine the number you can get by sending out an email marketing campaign.

Today in this course I will show you step by step how to make money with emails Think of it as the ultimate guide to email marketing.

Some people think emails are dead today in 2023 Simple answer It's a marketing strategy to get more products, grow your business and make more money online.

Today you'll see how the power of emails can help us grow our make money online business on my website my website is about email marketing and validation mail.

professional email subject line best practices

What do we have today?  The first step we need to understand is the email marketing system, how does it work?

Of course, we are not talking about spam here we are talking about real email marketing.

Build a real audience, build a real business, and make real money The idea is simple.

we now have a website and we are building our business, and one of the ways to build an email list is to have a contact list.

You can reach out to them at any time to get more traffic to get more sales, maybe to contact them with questions or take surveys and whatever.

So what I'm going to do now In this article I'll show you step by step how to build your email list, attract customers, how get started, and everything.

Let me give you an example and then go and apply it I have built a professional website, and I have dedicated a page What do I give you as a gift I'm giving away some free e-books.

If someone now clicks on this download button it will open a pop-up form that will tell you to download this ebook you have to enter your name and email and click download.

What's happening here is that I collect these email addresses and build my email list.

To simplify things when you want to build an email list you want to offer something and in return, you can get anyone's email address.

This thing you offer is called a magnet and it is the thing that attracts people to sign up for your email list.

So the first step is to build something attractive you need to create something that you will give to people in exchange for their email addresses and we are going to do that now in this article.

The second step is you build email lists and then the third step is simply sending campaigns to let's see and do this step by step now.

email marketing subject line best practices  How to create a free e-book

I think the easiest magnet you can create is a free little e-book How To?

Simply let's go to canvas if you are following me then you know that I use canvas it is one of the best applications out there on the internet.

Go to create a design and click in the search field then type book and click on the book cover it will give you the size of the ebook automatically and you can start creating a free ebook.

Now here you have two options create a free ebook or a free magnet from scratch and create your own.

I'm going to use this article to turn it into a free ebook I'm going to press preview so I can easily copy the text Let's start copying.

I will add a page and then simply paste it just resize it and that way type 24 font you can also have the images if you want them to save the image to your desktop.

To add space and we can go to the upload section to upload the media and upload the image this is the first page of the ebook and you can simply add anything like text or anything.

So this is the first page of the e-book the same way you can copy the whole article of course, not my article, I mean yours, or whatever magnet you build and create with canvas.

And now I have an excellent ten-page e-book that we still have the cover on Let's create a cool and attractive cover, the cool thing about canvases is we have a lot of templates we can choose from, let's see what we have.

Choose a template Change the name What is the title of the eBook Well you can change the image if you want.

So here we are creating a free ebook using canvas based on the article as I told you if you don't have one and if you want something free and fast you can go to PLR sites download free ebooks and use and edit them within the canvas.

I think the idea is very simple so now we have our magnet let's download it in pdf by the way you don't need a canvas to do this you can do it with PowerPoint in Microsoft Word or whatever you like.

I think the canvas is fairly easy and that's why I use it so now we have this pdf and this is the free e-book that we can use as a magnet.

email marketing strategy 2023

So we're done with step one we have the magnet attractor and now we can give it to people to start building our email list let's see how but wait a bit before we go and start collecting email addresses.

When we collect these email addresses We want to save them somewhere We want something that manages our email list We need an email marketing service.

As I promised you I will try my best to find free services and free tools to start this business because I know many of you can't invest much money in this.

So one of the best free email marketing and mail funnel building services is the system If you go into pricing you will see we have a free plan that allows you up to 2000 contacts.

I think this is the only service that lets you add 2,000 contacts for free and can send unlimited emails you can create sales funnels posts and rules automate email campaigns everything in the free plan.

So go now and start for free with the system I already registered if you don't have an account just go and register.

Today I will start building my email list with you in this new business This service will allow you to manage your contacts.

For building a sales funnel, sending out email newsletters, and much more Usually when you want to collect and build an email list we have two primary methods.

The first is to create a conversion funnel: a landing page that will be used to collect these email addresses and will now do so.

The second way: is while someone is reading your articles on your website.

As I showed you before a popup will appear where people can enter their email addresses.

email marketing strategy template

Let's start with the first method which is to create a custom landing page just go here to conversion paths in the system and create a new sales funnel in target choose build audience.

We're just here to build an email list, to build an audience we won't sell anything let's call it Create an Embounce Audience, now it will build a funnel for you you can see the squeeze page.

The squeeze page is the first step where people will enter their email addresses, and on the thank, page you will tell people to thank you for subscribing or so on, or direct them to a specific page.

Anyway, let's do it now Squeeze page we have a lot of templates here so we are offering here an ebook and here we have the landing page.

We can add the image of the e-book here in the blank space this is the address and the first name and the email and they can download the e-book so what we're going to do is select this template.

Click on the edit page and now we will have the page editor it's very simple by the way we have the sample image and we are going to change it to the cover of our ebook.

And I'll go back to the canvas to the e-book download page click to download and here I'll select a png, select only the first page, and download.

Now I'm going back to the editor and I'm simply going to upload my images in the downloads.

here is the insert image and you can see the image let's change the background color to something brighter.

Enter your name to get this e-book for free First Name Then Download Now That's it Save the changes Let's go back to the system and now we've created the squeeze page.

Do you see how simple it is you can add the URL if you want and by the way you can add your site if you go to your account settings you will see that we have custom sites.

To be able to obtain information and benefit from it distinctly, we will suffice with this amount, and we will complete the topic in other articles.

If you have reached here, know that you are a person who wants success and the advancement of your site.

We will reveal the third step later, Subscribe to receive the most important point in today's topic. See you soon.

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