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Millions of target customers building an email list from scratch

Welcome my friend, we continue our topic, which is building an email list from scratch.

as we talked about in the previous article about what are the steps that must be taken into account to build a database and a target audience.

And if you read the first topic, we stopped making the e-book, designed the cover, and prepared everything. 

and only some settings remain so that you can get thousands of e-mails and your audience.


your contact list

  • I think you get an idea that you can go experiment and create your builds and implement them now the main idea is on the pressure page in the automation rules.
  • Whenever someone signs up, you need to add them to your contact list, so go to Automation rules, add a rule, and click Track mail from subscription.

What is a tag?

Add an action and add a tag What is a tag?  It is simply something that describes a contact.  You can choose a tag so let's create a tag. 

I'll go to Contacts and then to Tags, add a new tag and I'll call it Lead Generation.

For example, I can say this contact has opted in to use this magnet, go back to this page and refresh it and I'll go to the automation rules Add an action then add a tag I'll pick the magnet.

So when someone signs up with this form I'm going to tag them and then I need to send the magnet to that contact you can do that on the thank you page.

For example, when you select this you can edit this and instead of joining the Facebook group, you can say "download your ebook" for example and that URL will be the URL of your ebook.

So you can simply go to google drive and let's upload our ebook this is the pdf ebook ok then I share I'll say change it with whoever has the link you can see then copy the link and then back here again the system and paste the URL that simple.

Now when someone signs up they will get the ebook and you will have the email on your email list.

how are we going to promote this mail funnel

The main question now is how are we going to promote this mail funnel. It's fine but now you can get this title, it's completely free.

You can use it to promote this e-book and start collecting mail addresses.

You can promote this within your website or wherever you want to build your audience now the second way is to create a pop-up sign-up form while someone is reading it it will pop up and the email can be collected.

How do you do that let's see Go back to funnels I'll create a new mail funnel (create) Build an audience Now you can select the site you can see I checked the site.

I'm going to locate this "Example of a popup window" Now here I'm going to clear the squeeze page I'm going to create a new step. 

I'm going to name it Popup and in the type make sure the popup form is selected save and drag this form before the thank you page.

And you can see now that we have a lot of templates as well. Choose the appropriate template that you like, select it, and again you can modify and edit the page and anything.

Get this free e-book I don't want to repeat it now again the idea is just to change this form then save the changes and go back to the system.

now what you will do is go to the script copy this little script and go back to your blog.

I'm going to the posts just to show you how to do this and say you want this popup to appear while someone is reading the article click edit and now scroll down to the end of the article.

And I'm going to add a new block I'm going to select the html and then type and paste the script update and now let's show the post open I see what happens now someone is scrolling and reading this article this popup will appear.

Users can sign up and get the free eBook from this popup, and they can close it like this.

So this is how you can implement both a squeeze page like this one or a popup form with for absolutely free and add it to your website.

In this way, we have finished the second step which is the main one on how to create email lists.

start sending email marketing campaigns

The third step is to start sending email marketing campaigns.

Here you can go to your newsletters or advertising campaigns and start sending them to your contact list.

So now let's dive a little deeper and talk about some of the more advanced tips that will help you when you're building your campaigns, your email lists, and so much more.

So if you are following me then you know that I use a service called convertkit it is one of the best email marketing services convert kit also has a free plan.

You can start with zero dollars and up to 300 subscribers so what's the idea let's go to my dashboard in convertkit.

Now I'm going to show you how to create a custom popup form to collect email addresses inside convert it, in case you want to use a somewhat advanced method on your website.

This is not mandatory but I must make this clear to give maximum benefit from this course.

I'll go to plugins and I'll add a new plugin this time we have a paid plugin it's optional but I'm using this plugin and it's great.

I want to give you an overview if you want to use this service or this software you can do it and it's fairly easy the first thing you need to add is the title let's call it "sample popup" then go to "popup templates" you will find a lot of templates ready.

So choose one, then import Accept let's go back to the general options and you can see how this is the form that pops up you can edit the picture, name, email, or whatever you want then what you need to do is go here to form the form.

Then in the audience list, you just need to select the one inside the convertkit that I created here inside Master Popsup The idea is rather simple.

Maybe 10-15 minutes of using this plugin will allow you to create and test your first popup. I don't want to waste too much time on this.

As you point out, it's optional, it's fairly advanced, and not required at the moment.

And by the way, it has a content locker page if you're into CPA marketing let's jump right now and see how we can send a campaign let's go back to convertkit to watch this life now.

We can click "Submit", and "Podcasts" to send podcasts to all your contacts Click New Podcasts You need to enter a subject line.

And the cool thing about convertkit is it has a feature called a and b split tests if you click on it you can use two subject lines.

And submit the campaign with two subject lines to see which works best so you can optimize your campaigns with the best subject line later.

So you simply add the content and you can see the link to unsubscribe and update the profile is automatically generated.

That's great, so now the big question you might be asking is how to write good email copy.

Now to help you I can't start a full-text writing course right now in an upcoming article I'm going to give you some templates.

Together with my team, I will publish some ready-made email templates for you, templates for cold emails, newsletters, and much more.

You can just copy and paste it, change some words, and send it with your campaigns. 

Within the system, you can simply go to mail then newsletters, and send podcasts.

Is the subject line important in email marketing?

Create a newsletter Write a subject line and you can use the visual editor or the classic editor and just compose your message again text field and you can add whatever you want.

Now inside the system so far they don't have a and b split tests but I contacted the founder of the system and he told me that this feature will soon be available on their platform.

So if you are using the system don't worry they will add this feature soon now one of the main problems that every person doing email marketing faces is inbox problems.

When you send a campaign you will see a very low open rate or a very low click rate which means your emails are not making it to your inbox.

And now I tell you if you are having this problem please go to the forum and submit your questions in the email marketing section here and show your form and subject line and what exactly happens your rates and everything.

I will help you just write questions and interact with us and I will do my best to answer your questions, what you need to do is to register with an email marketing service like a system or convert it or whatever you want.

As a beginner I prefer to use the system it's free and all the basic features are here so go sign up and start setting up popups, setting up your landing pages, and magnets.

Just be ready to collect email addresses and build your email list on your site, later when you monetize your website we will see each together in live case studies.

How email will help us increase our income and allow us to get more traffic to our website to sum things up.

The first step is to create something engaging, build your email list, set up your email templates, and set everything up.

Get ready to send your email marketing campaign and once again I always remind you that I am here to help you.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-course on email marketing later we'll go into more depth when we have some products and we have services to sell.

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