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find-low competition keywords: My way to earn visits daily

How to find-low competition keywords, and how they help you create a website and get daily traffic.

What word should I start working on?  Does choosing the right word increase the chances of my site being ranked in the search results?

How do I find out which keywords my competitors are using, and what are the best tools to use?


How to find low-competition keywords with high traffic

The first step in the SEO process, I believe the best way to get free traffic from Google is with SEO By practicing and applying SEO on your website.

I will be doing keyword research, from my complete SEO Mastery series,  How to earn hundreds of clicks per day.

We will also explain how to use the search for find-low competition keywords and the importance of exploiting them.

I'm going to talk about keyword research the first step in the SEO process to summarize in just 20 seconds.

What we talked about in the first part simply SEO is about applying some techniques to rank your website and your articles on top of Google.

Getting free organic visits revolves around several important steps, which are as follows.

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Choosing the right keywords.
  3. On-page SEO.
  4. Optimize your website and articles for that keyword.
  5. Off-page SEO which means getting backlinks and other things.

So, now we're going to go deeper into step number one in an in-depth nutshell in 10 minutes you'll get the whole idea and work it out so let's get started.

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Where can I find low-competition keywords?

So let's get started with keyword research and choosing the right keywords Alright guys let's get started.

Let's find some keywords by the way in this course I will only use free tools, not obligated to use any paid or paid tools everything will be free.

Just follow along with me and learn how to rank higher and get free traffic from Google.

So the first step is to go to H-super tools, which are free SEO and digital marketing tools.

What we will be using in this article are mainly two or three tools from this list.

find low-competition-keywords-on-YouTube

How do I find low-competition keywords on YouTube?

Go to the YouTube section here and click on the YouTube Keyword Tool, YouTube?  why?  Just follow along and you'll see why.

Then go to SEO and open the keyword research tool now we have YouTube and keyword research.

Then go to SEO again and open the question exploration tool ok I will use a keyword to work on which is affiliate marketing case studies.

Now in your case, I don't know what your article is about but you can follow the same steps and use the same tools.

The first thing I'm going to do is go to the YouTube Keyword Tool, why?  Simply because this tool can give you suggestions on different topics and keyword ideas.

You will see how now so as an example I will say affiliate marketing and click on a search that is simple now in this tool forget the search volume and the difficulty.

Just Look at Keywords We want to get some ideas about the keywords that people are searching for, so we can get those ideas and create an article on them.

The results you get are important, so we can see here we have a lot of keyword ideas not just autocomplete or whatever ideas we have.

So as you can see we have a lot of topics due to keyword ideas so this tool is perfect, for searching content and finding keyword ideas.

So I will say a case study as an example and click on search to see now we have an affiliate marketing case study, by the way, you can look at the monthly volume on YouTube.

Just to get an idea of ​​how interesting people are so we have 2000 searches it's fairly good for beginners.

Very nice so this way we can find a list of keywords, and you can collect keyword ideas ok.

So what you will do now is open a notepad or excel file, simply just select some keywords from here then go to notepad and paste it.

Which keywords are best to target?

So you will have a list of keyword ideas, well now that you have some keyword ideas the next step is to filter them and see their SEO difficulty.

  • How difficult is it to rank on Google?
  • What is the monthly search volume on Google?

So here comes the second tool which is the keyword research tool, I'm going to copy the first keyword, I'm going to copy and paste it into the free keyword research tool and click search.

So now we can get the SEO difficulty straight from here Okay, first let's check the captcha and click on search.

You can see now we have about 260 searches per month for this keyword, now you may be telling me this is too low please focus well I will explain everything.

No, it's not too low and it's perfect for you as a beginner. Now I'll tell you why and I'll calculate how much traffic you can get with such keywords. Just go on.

Now we have a little SEO difficulty not available, when it says not available it is mostly a low competition keyword.

So the difficulty is not available so we don't have much difficulty with that keyword we don't have enough information to be more precise.

Look, listen carefully let's say you have a blog, a new blog and you only have 260 searches per month, okay so let's say you get 200 clicks.

If you arrange it from one article, what if you write like 20 articles?  So you get multiplied by 20, it's 4000 free views per month for your blog as you can see.

If you write 4 articles targeting such low competition keywords, and sort of a long tail keyword for that you will get 4000 views for free per month.

See if you create 40 articles like this you will get 8000 or 10000 views so believe me just focus well.

It is perfect to choose such keywords as a beginner for your blog as someone who is starting now and you have very high competition.


How do you find low competition long tail keywords?

If you choose a small keyword or keyword and the search volume on it is high, it will be difficult to compete with it since the blog or new site is under construction as it is called by Google.

So you need to pick a long-tail keyword or big keyword well I don't want to waste your time with terms like long-tail keywords in the question and whatever just go on.

My main goal in this course is to make you understand SEO most easily and practically it is not like any of the other boring online courses so I will choose this keyword.

Ok so here's the first step to select and filter keywords, with a decent amount of search volume and low difficulty now in my case as I told you if you seem unavailable.

So it's fairly low on SEO difficulty anyway hope you get the idea.

Now you may tell me that we have this tool that we did not use, yes in my case I did not use it, but maybe this tool is very important in your case, why?  What is Question Explorer?

Simply put, you can find what people ask on Google. Whatever, these are the questions that Google suggested as a list of questions.

So also you can use keywords with questions, on your blog to target the questions in your article so it's also a long tail keyword a big keyword you can target.

I hope you get the idea. To summarize, just go to the H-super tools Keyword Tool and find some keyword ideas.

Filter them out in a keyword research tool with low search engine difficulty and fairly good search volume data.

If you want to check keywords with questions then go to the question explorer and then get the data with the aggregated keyword data tool Everything is free on H-super tools No limits, nothing is limited.

Just go and start searching and find your perfect keywords to rank on Google, I hope you get the idea please don't forget if you have questions about anything you want.

You can always send your questions in the comments below and I'll be there almost every day to answer your questions.

And if you have a special request just send me a private message anyway,
So as you can see I have shown you how simply you can get a list of keywords to rank for.

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